Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve

The Museum

The rich array of natural and cultural history of Caleb Smith Preserve, as well as its varied and unique geographic and geological features, are chronicled in the recently-restored and upgraded Nature Museum. The museum exhibits focus on the historic, educational and conservation issues, and environmental aspects of Long Island’s development and the land which is now the Preserve.   The primary goal in the design of the museum is to provide a broadly-interesting experience through dynamic and effective interactive learning, and to make the museum a widely-recognized destination for visitors of all ages.

The Caleb Smith House itself, which houses the museum, has a long and diverse history.   Step into the Entrance Room and be struck by the impressive carving of Chief Wyandanch, a key figure in the history of Smithtown and Long Island, glaring from over the restored fireplace mantel.  A comprehensive introduction to the Preserve is provided through an interactive display which provides a brief history, and describes the many recreational  activities offered within the park.

Exhibits in the History Rooms allow the visitor to experience the historic atmosphere of the Caleb Smith House, its early inhabitants and settlers in the area, and the natural history of the Preserve.
Four additional rooms, devoted to Nature Exhibits, contain beautiful wildlife exhibits with state-of-the-art displays describing the variety of habitats, flora and fauna found here, and the uniqueness of the land itself. 

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