Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve


Why Be a Sponsor?

As fellow Long Islanders, we’re sure you share our concern about our ever-dwindling open spaces, historic sites and natural resources. The Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve are trying to make a difference by restoring and preserving these precious assets. The loss of unique recreational opportunities, and appreciation of history, culture and natural heritage, of which we once boasted, threatens all of us, along with our children and future generations.

Sponsorship funding is vital to our efforts. Investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business. Your generosity ensures wide spread recognition of your involvement, and you can take pride in knowing that you’re helping in this worthwhile cause.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The Friends benefit from three highly-valued sponsorship levels: Sponsors, Donors and Contributors.  Sponsors and Donors provide all, or a major portion, of the funding for one or more Friends projects.

Sponsors and Donors automatically become honorary members of the Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve, and will receive:

• Newsletters and e-mail updates with advance notice of events at the Preserve, as well as the latest news on current projects, members and partnerships
•  Your name on a plaque prominently displayed by the project you helped to fund

All who provide financial support will be recognized in Friends newsletters, PR releases, and on our website

Current Sponsorship Opportunities

•  Computer-based, interactive displays for Nature Museum exhibits  
•  Restoration of Wyandanch Club Room
•  Restoration of typical sporting club member lodgings and equipment
•  Fishing tournament prizes
•  Annual canoe benefit sponsorship
•  Park beautification projects

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