Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve

Nature Exhibits

Individual nature exhibit rooms feature the ponds, streams, river, wetlands and forests with interpretive panels, dioramas, photographs and hands-on, interactive displays, all focused on discovering the uniqueness of the Preserve

•  The Forest Room
Red fox, screech owl and many other beautiful animal replicas survey a realistic model of a Rotting Log, set against a forest mural.  The model  can be moved and opened to reveal the rich diversity of life on, under and within the log, myriads of animals and plants that make up this vital and dynamic community

•  The River Room
A main wall displays a large map of the vast 500-acre Nissequogue River watershed with its springs, ponds, river tributaries and main points of interest.  An integrated display offers several hands-on activities, and provides in-depth information about the river, the watershed and water table, as well as sounds of the river

•  The Pond Room
Impressive models of a great blue heron, snapping turtle and fish reside here, together with a unique, interactive “Microlife in the Pond” simulation of a video microscope with which visitors will discover and identify a myriad of tiny inhabitants of the Caleb Smith pond ecosystem

•  The Wetlands Room
In addition to several realistic exhibits of the flora and fauna existing within the Preserve, this room includes an interactive “Who Eats Whom” food chain exhibit, with puzzles with various levels of complexity, posing a challenge for visitors of all ages as they figure out who eats whom among the animals at the Preserve  

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