Friends of Caleb Smith Preserve

2012 Adult Fly Fishing Tournament

On October 20th we held out tenth annual adult fly fishing tournament. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees.  Due to last-minute business obligations, several anglers had to cancel, but those six that participated caught an average of six trout each, for a total of 39 fish.

We had two participants with the most fish caught.  Each angler caught 11 fish, and each also caught the largest fish of 12 1/2 inches. The tournament winner was chosen in our first tie breaker – the prize going to the one with the most fish of 12 ½ inches.

The first place prize was a TFO Fly Rod and Reel Outfit won by Tom Zaph Jr. with 3 fish of 12 ½ inches.  The prize for second place was a TFO Fly Rod won by John White with a 17 ¼ inch fish.   The third place prize was a $75.00 Gift Certificate from the Camp-Site Sport Shop won by Anthony Albano Jr. with 11 fish caught with one fish of 12 ½ inches.   A 50.00 Gift Certificate from Camp-Site went to fourth place winner Mike Albano with 9 fish caught.  Fifth and sixth place prizes of a box of trout flies went to place was a Box of Flies to Tom Tokosh and Tom Zaph Sr., respectively.

We wish to thank our participants, our volunteers Paul Miccichi, Joe Marino, Joe Riverizo, Pete Paquette, Ken Evans, Fred Thornier, Rosemary White, Ed McAnteer, Carmine Petrone and, last but not least, Mike and Joanne D’Agistino,  and Park Manager Clarence Ware and his staff.   And very special thanks to Mr. Jake Speare of TFO Holdings and Mr. Carmine Petrone of The Campsite Sport Shop for the large discounts and prize donations they provided for the event.

In all everyone had a great time and said that they can’t wait for next year’s tournament -  look for announcements on this website, and you can join in on the fun too!

Click here for photos of this year’s tournament participants.

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